Your Local Irrigation and Solar Power Provider

With many  years of experience, we specialize in survey and design of all types of irrigation and solar power systems for the agricultural market.


We provide a wide range of services, equipment and components in the fields of irrigation and solar power.


01 Survey and Plans

GPS survey of land for irrigation, design an plans. This is a service for clients who are well versed in their own installations, and can interpret irrigation plans. This client typically only needs an irrigation design and plan, and can undertake the rest of the project by themselves. We also offer the option of detailed parts lists and supply of all parts and/or pipe for such projects.

02  Site Mark-out

We offer to our clients GPS marking on site, and chalk-marking of irrigation designs onto physical land. This service assists the installer with the placement of pipe trenches, valves and irrigation lines and nodes.


03 Installation

We offer this service to our clients who do not wish to sacrifice their own workforce or time to undertake their own installations. The logistics and costing of this is determined by the nature and extent of the project eg. size and duration, travel and accommodation costs, and what implements areavailable on site.


04 Installation Support

We offer this service as a cost saving option to our clients who are able to undertake their own installations if provided with some basic instruction, advice and assistance during various phases of the project.

05 Supply of systems, components & parts

We supply either parts and/or complete systems for Irrigation and Solar Power setups. These include pipes pumps, drives, pivot packages, filters, sprinklers, drip, micro's, solar panels, structures and stands, inverters, charge & battery systems, etc.

06 Field support

We provide technical support for our systems, as well as assistance with other systems. To our existing clients telephonic support and advice is a free service. Call outs to site are billed per km (+ return) and time spent on job. 


A. Irrigation

  • Drip irrigation - orchards, vegetable production, tunnels
  • Subsoil drip irrigation - lucerne, sugar cane
  • Permanent sprinkler systems (Permaset) - pastures and crops
  • Portable/temporary drip or sprinkler systems ("uitpakstelsels") - rotational crop or seed production
  • Micro irrigation - orchards, vegetable production, tunnels
  • Cooling mister systems - for tunnels
  • Mobile drip systems - conversion of centre pivots to drag-drip (about 40%water saving)
  • Pumps, filters, automatic filters, variable speed drives, valves, fertigation systems
  • Custom built easyflush pre-filters - This solution filters water through 1mm width slots, and is thus more suitable for sprinkler systems than the usual "frog trap", which does not filter matter finely enough to prevent regular sprinkler blockages by water from open dams or rivers. Flushing is accomplished by opening a valve.
  • Systems automation - radio automation of irrigation systems (valves, pumps, flow metering, fertigation, scheduling)
  • Centre Pivots - we do  not build and supply pivots, but we do offer support and service, and supply/installation of sprinkler packages
  • Conversion of Floppy Sprinkler systems to various other sprinkler types

B. Solar Power

  • Solar driven irrigation systems
  • Solar powered pump systems for boreholes (from small units for livestock watering and home supply, to large units for dam filling and irrigation)
  • Off-grid power for farmsteads and workshops
  • Backup power systems for grid-down events



Oasis Besproeiing is located on the farm Jordaansrus in the Molteno/Burgersdorp area, Eastern Cape, South Africa.  Our main clients are farmers in need of irrigation and/or solar power solutions.

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